T-zer0 needs a lot of CHIP memory available. If the game won't load (or crashes when loading a level) even though you disabled everything from startup drawer and script, do the following:
- boot without startup sequence
- type SETPATCH , then press enter - mounts the cd-rom. This is usually being done by typing MOUNT CD0: , then enter
- type AVAIL , then press enter. You should have more than 1950000 bytes of CHIP memory available
- Now just go to the T-zer0 directory on your HD and run the game

Let's try it with the included pnpatapi software:
- In your startup-sequence and/or user-startup remark ( by putting ; symbol at the beginning of each line) all the instructions that currently control your CD. This would be anything related to IDEfix (loadIDE, activatecrossidefix), asimCDFS , etc.
- move the CD0 file from your devs/dosdrivers directory somewhere else (storage/dosdrivers for example)
- Start the pnpatapi installation program.
- Choose to install all the tools, click "proceed"
- Choose the CDplusplusFS , click "proceed"
- When asked "Do you want that that the drive will be started automatically..." choose "automount on boot"v - Finish the installation
- Restart your Amiga, and insert T-zer0 CD in your CD-ROM. You should be able to see it on your desktop
- Before running the game, you may want to do a little test and start TRKDownload from utilities drawer on your hard drive. This small CD-DA player should be able to read the music from T-zer0 CD. If it does the game will, too.